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Fender Blender Universale - FBU with Stationary Stand Kit
S$ 779.00

The FBU, from Rock The Bike, mounts to any bike - bike Not Included. FBU Includes

i.  One adjustable height Rack with Parts

ii.  One Fender Blender base

iii.  One impact-resistant Oster-compatible blender Standard Pitcher

iv.  One collapsable Stationary Bike Stand *.

The basic Fender Blender Universale set up includes a universal rear rack that will attach to nearly all:

* Mountain bikes (26″-29″ wheel size)
* Hybrid/Road bikes (27″/700c wheel size)
* Young adult bikes (24″ wheels)


The included rear rack features vertical adjustability which allows for the range of compatible wheel sizes. This solves problem of your rack sitting at an angle because you happen to have a small or large bike frame. A sturdy rear rack like the one included with your FBU is a great help for other human powered feats, like buying blendables at your Hyper Supermarket. Now you can carry more stuff around town and take all that stress off your back.

* PLEASE NOTE: The Stationary Stand for the FBU is not compatible with internal geared hubs with control cables that come out through the end of the axle, or newer quick release skewers that don't have a shape that matches the cups of our Stand


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