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Bicycle Blender

Fender Blender Pro Standard
S$ 3259.00

FBPro, from Rock the Bike, Brings Pedal Power to your home or an event increases the fun and participation while decreasing the use of diesel generators, extension cords, and batteries. This instantly gets your group moving, breathing, and active. People are more likely to loosen up, enjoy themselves, and learn something new when their body is engaged. Our most popular activity — and the most accessible starting point for anyone interested in Pedal Power.

Rentable : Yes. Call or write in to inquire

Assembled Dimension 153 (L) x 107 (H) x 77(W) cm
Includes :-
- One Fender Blender Pro Base Standard
- One Impact-Resistant Oster-compatible Pitcher
- Illustrated Instruction Manual
- Allen Keys
- Bike Blended Smoothie Stickers


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