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Hammock Chair Small
S$ 188.00
S$ 158.00

As an indoor hammock chair, they easily hang indoors from a beam or secure support. Outside, hammock chairs swings can also easily be set up in just a few minutes.The chair is very strong and is perfect for a relaxing afternoon curled up with a book, a margarita or for a lazy summer afternoon. The hammock chairs come with a solid lateral wood support and a looped connecting rope so you only need one point to hang it from which make them easy to hang.

Hammock chairs can easily be set up as an indoor hammock chair such as hammock chair for the bedroom. As an outdoor hammock chair, they are the best part of your outdoor furniture decor and will get you the compliments and envy of your friends. A hammock chair swing is the best of both worlds, and the perfect seating accessory.

The hammock chairs are all handmade by Mayan women as with all our hammock products. They are woven with cotton threads, using an open style that allows the hammock material to expand and contract freely. This means the hammock chair seat part and back will provide more strands in the same amount of space when stretched out.


** Hand Woven Cotton. Tone and Mix of Colour (Multi Colour) may vary.

Weight : 1.5 kg / 3.31 pounds
Wood Bar : 1 meter / 3.28 feet
Support up to : 100 kilograms / 250 pounds


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Light Green
Natural Cotton