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Mayan Queen
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The Queen is a light yet strong hammock. Easy to carry, easy to handle and it makes a great portable hammock. You can take it out for picnics, backpacking and camping trips. It is is a great versatile outdoors hammock and yet marvellous for a romantic afternoon for 2 average size adults.

A Mayan-Style Queen hammock often called the Matrimonial Hammock, is woven with 100% cotton, using an open style that allows the hammock to expand and contract freely. This means that larger size hammocks will provide more strands in the same amount of space when stretched out to your body's length. If you were snoozing solo, there'd be extra webbing to wrap around youself like a blanket.


**Hand Woven Cotton. Tone and Mix of Colour (Multi Colour) may vary.

Weight : 1.25 kg / 2.71 pounds - holds a picnic lunch and afternoons for two at a favorite spot...
Length(bed) : 2.10 meters / 7 feet ...it's all about the size.. as the saying goes.
Width : 2 meters / 6.6 feet - lots of shoulderoom, and great for crosswise hanging too.
Total length : 4.1 meters / 13.66 feet - head to feet or side by side, you've got lots of room to play in!
Supports up to : 250 kilograms / 543 pounds - did we say it was good for camping trips to hold gear and couples too?


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