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Mayan Single
S$ 138.00
S$ 118.00

Single size hammocks are great for travelers, campers and those looking to optimize space. Those looking for light weight, these hammocks are the most portable for their size. They also make great storage for soft goods like sleeping bags, backpacks and pillows.


** Hand Woven Cotton. Tone and Mix of Colour (Multi Colour) may vary.

Weight : 0.65kg / 1.41 pounds - Great hammock for travel, backpacking & camping!
Length(bed) : 1.90 meters / 6.7 feet - holds the tallest of people.
Width : 1 meters / 3.3 feet - like a comfortable day on the couch
Total length : 3.5 meters / 11.66 feet -holds lots of gear and supplies.
Supports up to : 150 kilograms / 360 pounds - can hold supervised children!


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