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Thick Cord Hammocks
S$ 218.00
S$ 188.00

The extra thick cotton cord gives it extra durability and yet still retains its comfort. This one may be good for heavier use or to take the strain of rambunctious children. It is comfortable enough for you and your sweetheart, yet big enough to easily welcome your family and friends. The thick cord hammock could be considered a heavy duty hammock. It's cord is thicker than the standard net style hammocks with the same weave of our traditional hammocks and you can be assured of its comfort, support, and strength, while still retaining the beauty and charm of a Mayan / Mexican hammock.


** Hand Woven Cotton. Tone and Mix of Colour (Multi Colour) may vary.

Weight : 1.45 kg / 3.15 pounds
Length(bed) : 2 meters / 6.7 feet
Width : 2.3 meters / 7.6 feet
Total length : 4 meters / 13.33 feet
Supports up to : 400 kilograms / 800 pounds


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