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aims to bring simple holistic eco indigenous inventions to our hectic environment.


Our MISSION is to bring forth Effusive Tranquil, Serene and Relaxing Basics BACK to Life.



to Establish Holistic ECO-RESORT LifeStyle living to your own homes, premise or entourage;


to Establish EXPERENTIAL LEARNING for your children;


to Engage in Holistic ECOLOGY basics &;  


to Facilitate as ‘LIFESTYLE CURATOR” for your environment.


For more than 3000 years, the Mayans developed a great culture with rich traditions. In the Yucatan of Mexico, Mayan Hammocks & Hammock chairs  have been used as an important piece of furniture for indoors and outdoors, for resting and relaxations, just as they are today. Using centuries old methods, all our hammocks are handmade of 100% cotton, hand woven by Mayan women in the Yucatan of Mexico. Cotton hammocks are more comfortable, where the colours more pleasing to the eye, whereas nylon threads are bright and shiny, but less forgiving against the skin.


Bikes are useful, friendly, healthy, functional, fun and multicultural, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, powered by you. They’re interactive and participatory and encourage freedom, exploration, creativity and awareness. These Sport Utility Cargo bikes blends useful cargo capacity with a stable ride quality. They are connector of people, places, things and the facilitator of childlike bliss and a svelte physics. They promote a simplified and slower paced lifestyle, something everyone of us – even you – could use.


The Sioux Native Americans have a simple invention for an ideal educational “toy” that children can grow with and get years and years of use from this 8’ Kids Tipi. Within the set up instruction, there is an interesting and educational information on the architectural and cultural history of the Native American Tipi.


The Fender Blender Pro and Fender Blender Universale bicycle blenders bring pedal power to your home or an event. It is an amazing way to bring people together whilst hosting a party or blending refreshments at charity races or at a race and teach kids about healthy eating in a way they will remember. The Fender Blender Pro are RENTABLE ... Yes, Rentable. Do inquire within for more details.


Fancy a NASH CAR racing slick tyre as a cooler for beverage ? The racecooler does not only chill your beverage but also “chills” the environment. These slick tires are reinvented to prevent scrapping and the interior liners are made from reprocessed plastic resins. This means that the racecooler is entirely made from recycled plastic and recycling the rubber tires – eco friendly.


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